• vision

    Our founding mission is to accelerate the development of a cure for ageing.


    Of all the diseases of old age, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's are the most terrifying.

    They gradually rob us of our identity and dignity.

    Yet, as our population is ageing, a third of us will end our lives with a neurodegenerative disease.

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    Automated Derivation of Brain Biomarkers

    We use Machine learning to automatically derive accurate brain features (e.g. the volume of the hippocampus) from brain scans and compare them to a normative population. We also provide handy 2D and 3D visualisations of brain features. This not only saves time to neuroradiologists but also empowers them to make highly accurate reports, by using the latest techniques and findings in neurosciences. We are currently running trials with select clinics in India, Pakistan and Ukraine.

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    World's Best Brain Degeneration Predictor

    We are building the world’s most accurate brain degeneration predictor using brain imaging data. Most brain degeneration predictors use only volumetric measurements to predict whether a brain is degenerating, which limits their accuracies. We use data not only from structural MRI scans but also from diffusion and functional MRI scans to maximize the sensitivity and specificity of our prediction. Combining these three types of scans has been shown to reduce the rate of misdetection of Alzheimer's Disease by half, compared to using only structural scans.

  • Product

    Automated cloud-based analysis for structural, diffusion and functional MRI scans

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    Fast Cloud-based Analysis

    You upload your scans to our secure HIPAA-compliant server, and 30 minutes later you receive a report containing measurements and visualisations that are relevant to you.

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    Structural Imaging Report

    We process your structural MRI scans to measure the volumes of important cortical (e.g. grey matter), sub-cortical (e.g. hippocampus) and fluid-filled (e.g. inferior lateral ventricles) regions. We compare the measurements to a normative population to help assess the cause and magnitude of brain atrophy.

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    Diffusion Imaging Report

    We provide white matter tractography (3D visualisation) and we automatically measure functional anisotropy and mean diffusivity. This will facilitate neurosurgery planning and help identify white matter pathologies.

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    Functional Imaging Report

    We automatically analyse functional MRI scans (task-based and resting-state). This will improve the accuracy of neurosurgery planning and help identify various brain abnormalities.

  • Team

    Having obtained PhDs in Machine Learning and Neuroscience,
    we are experts at using currently available data to understand the human brain.

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    Olivier van den Biggelaar

    CEO & Co-Founder


    Olivier is a Software Engineer who built advanced Machine Learning systems in his PhD at the University of Brussels and while working for a large video streaming platform.

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    Alejandro Vicente Grabovetsky

    Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder


    Sasha is a Cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD from Cambridge University and a Post-Doc from Radboud University. He contributed to neuroimaging tools used by top labs worldwide.